I wonder why I am addicted to escorts in London is this normal

There is something in me that I get confused with. There are times that I even found myself wondering on some other things. During those times I feel like there is something puzzles in me. I even ask myself of things that are left hanging. Only this past few days I have found out that I am a sort of addicted to something and that is with escorts in London. I end up asking myself if this kind of situation normal to me as a person. So that I can fully understand what is this all about I come up an idea of looking for some information on what brings me in this situation. The factors that made me addicted with escorts in London. I visited some blogs and websites for me to be cleared and understand what is been through with my addiction with escorts in London.

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As what I have found out from my research that my addiction is compelled with behavior which has a short relief, but caters a long term damage on my relationship, health, finances, and work. I was so shocked in finding out that overcoming addiction is a hard thing to do. Well after knowing such those kind of information about how crucial addiction is in peoples life then I made up my mind to reconcile for it. I started on facing the reality of my condition. I bring myself in a place wherein no one could disturbed me from thinking positive things in my life. As I am in the solemn place I began to recall the first day that I met Escorts in London in my life. Upon looking back in that moment I can bit a bit of excited of the things to happen in between us in that encounter. But while doing so I came up thinking of what brings me to meet escorts in London.

Going back on my 30th birthday my best friend who happens to be an escorts in London lover for he happens to marry the women whom he dated with for a long period of time. It’s been a long time since the last time we see each other. And on my birthday he happens to visit our place together with her wife who is a former escorts in London and presently my best friend’s wife. He is surprised upon knowing that after my last girlfriend in college I never dated anybody else for I have a busy kind of work to attend to or just my alibi for I am not fun of dating girls. After he found it out his wife tells me that they will give a gift for it is my birthday. All I need to do is to be in the place and be a king. So I brought myself in there it is a weeklong vacation for me because this is one of privileges to enjoy in the company that I am connected with a weeklong vacation for birthdays and other special occasions. So as I arrive in the place I was so amaze with the ambiance and much more with the beautiful, sexy and awesome lady inside my room. As I was talking to her I just found out that she is the gift that my best friend and her wife is telling me. An escorts in London is right in front of me.  I could hardly believe at first but after a series of our conversation I was able to accept and affirm the fact that she is real and not a fantasy anymore. We made everything that would make us happy for about 3 days we just stayed in the room and we were just ordered room service food for both of us don’t want to be separated and stop the moment that we have for each other. We enjoyed water activities and adventures that the beach offered we just let our spirit and soul enjoy life.

After that amazing vacation with an escorts in London all I wanted each by day to be her and kissed her. I found myself always seeing her almost every night. So this is the main reason why I got so much addicted in her. But upon my reflection I am not only addicted to her I am super in love with her and this is all I feel is normal for someone who finds true love and happiness in life.